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By ordering this item, you acknowledge you have a valid prescription for your pet that can be forwarded to us by email, or confirmed with your veterinarian. We accept any standard veterinary prescription issued in Hong Hong.

You may think you are giving your dog a treat by taking them out for a long walk during the summer, but you may also be causing them harm. Heat stroke is one of the most common problems for dogs during the summer months. As dogs only means of sweating is through panting, they can easily overheat. A slight temperature raise of only 1-2 degrees can result in heat stroke.

Signs of heat stroke include:

– Heavy panting
– Confusion
– Staggering
– Dark coloured urine

If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms stop all activity, douse your dog with cool water and call your vet immediately. If not treated early heat stroke can cause permanent and fatal organ damage.

So avoid long walks in hot weather, stop frequently in shaded areas, give your dog lots of water both to drink and on his coat.


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